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Why Rent-to-Own?

In these tough economic times, rent-to-own can be a viable means for any consumer in order to acquire appliances, furniture, electronics, computers and more! This comes especially at a time where consumer credit can be scarce. Rent-to-own can be especially useful if you are credit-challenged because these transactions never incur debt or requires a credit check. In addition, the customer is never obligated to make the next payment and can return the product at any time for any reason. Rent 1st helps those wanting to avoid a big investment in an uncertain purchase. With rent-to-own, customers have choices.

Computer Rentals –
There is a rapid change in technology and by a consumer renting a computer rather than purchasing it outright, you can turn the computer in when a newer model is available. This allows you to stay up-to-date in the products you have.

Furniture Rentals –
Rent 1st carries the quality, name-brand furniture you want. By buying your furniture as rent-to-own, you have many choices that purchasing outright does not. You now have flexibility in your decor since you aren’t committing to a furniture piece that you’ll have to have for years and years in order to justify the purchase.

Poor Credit or Limited History –
Many consumers these days are finding their credit is so damaged that their options are limited. With rent-to-own and Rent 1st, this is no longer the case. This is because credit is not a factor here and this way you can continue to have the quality, name-brand furniture you deserve. The payment plans offered with rent-to-own are much more competitive than retail.

Having Company Over –
One of our busiest times in this industry is Super Bowl weekend. Americans are looking for a bigger television and extra furniture for their Super Bowl party. Rent 1st makes this option incredibly easy with our delivery, set-up and pick-up service.

Broken Appliances –
When your appliances such as your refrigerator breaks and is being repaired, instead of living out of an ice chest for a week, call Rent 1st for delivery and set up for a refrigerator for short-term use.

Short-Term Needs –
Are you a college student or perhaps a seasonal worker or a business executive on a monthly assignment? Are you in need of furniture, but only need it for a short amount of time? This is where Rent 1st can help. We can help you furnish your temporary housing with current, name-brand products in order to make your short-term stay as comfortable as possible.

Pricing on Rent-to-Own vs. Retail –
If rent-to-own is so similar to retail, why is the pricing not the same?  Well rent-to-own pricing covers more than just the product.  You have the ability to stay debt free unlike retail, and there are no credit checks involved.  If you buy a furniture set and decide you don’t like it one month later, you can’t simply return it with traditional retail unlike rent-to-own, where you can take back any item for any reason at any time.

What about the price difference with making payments as opposed to buying outright? Well, think of it like a mortgage.  If you have a 15-year mortgage, you’re going to pay less in the long run than a 30-year mortgage.  Or think of it like your credit card bill.  You’re going to pay more if you only make your monthly payment, than if you make larger payments.  But with rent-to-own, you have the flexibility to not stress your finances if you’re running tight one month, but the next, you can make a larger payment to make up for it when things are better money wise.

All-in-all, the cost of doing business is much higher than for retail companies that only see you once when you buy something and never again.  Rent-to-own companies offer full service on products, manage the risk of renting costly merchandise at a low weekly or monthly price, and have to manage contracts all at the same time.   Doing all of these things takes time, and as we all know, time is money; time takes money.

Obligation Free –
You are never obligated to make the next payment in your payment plan.  No other transaction in the marketplace provides you, the consumer the option of continuing payments or returning the product without any penalty or damage to your credit.  This is a fantastic way to stay debt free and protect your credit.

Flexible Payments –
No other transaction allows you such flexible options on making payments.  There are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans available so you can be sure to stay within your budget.  There are even early-purchase options that offer you significant price reductions without all the risk of buying outright from traditional retail.  Best of all are reinstatement rights.  If you have to return a product for any reason during your payment cycle, we can re-instate the payment history when you are financially secure again, if you wish.  Reinstatement rights are governed by state law regarding time limits to re-instate rental payments.

Unparalleled Service –
You’ll also find that again, no other transaction in the marketplace offers the full product service that rent-to-own does.  If you buy a product on credit at a retail outlet and that product breaks after the warranty expires, you are responsible for the repairs, even if you are still making payments on the credit sale.  With rent-to-own, product service and repair are the responsibility of us, Rent 1st.  So regardless of the warranty on the product, during the time in which you are still making payments on that product, you will still receive 100% service on it as well as receive a possible loaner if necessary.


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