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Get tech-savvy on a rent-to-own computer, tablet or smartphone without long-term obligations.

It’s easy to replace outdated technology, like computers, tablets or smartphones, with a computer rental from Rent 1st.

Rent 1st is your technology headquarters for computer, tablet or smartphone rentals. With our many locations in Southern Oklahoma and North Texas, Rent 1st specializes in same day delivery on computer, tablet or smartphone rentals of your choice. And you can return your older computer rental when a new model comes out because you’re never under any long-term obligation at Rent 1st. It’s a breeze to keep up with technology with rent-to-own computers, tablets or smartphones from Rent 1st.

Get a new computer, tablet or smartphone without the hassle.

It’s never been easier to get a new computer, tablet or smartphone. At Rent 1st you’ll get instant approval on the latest emerging technology. You won’t be hassled by a credit check, and you’re never under any long-term obligations with Rent 1st. If you change your mind on your computer rental, simply return the rental without any hidden fees. Or take advantage of our lifetime reinstatement policy, which lets you start the contract where you left off if you change your mind again. We’re on your side at Rent 1st!

Stay connected with smartphone rentals.

Smartphones are an essential part of modern living and you’ll do it in style with our selection at Rent 1st. Check your email, surf the web and keep in touch with your family and friends with rent-to-own smartphones from Rent 1st. With Samsung Galaxy models to choose from, Rent 1st makes it easy to find one that suits your individual needs. Plus, we get it to you today with free delivery only at Rent 1st!

Explore the World Wide Web with rent-to-own computers and laptops.

When you need a computer or a laptop, you want a name brand you can depend on. That’s why our selection at Rent 1st includes computers and laptops by Toshiba, Samsung, and Acer! Let Rent 1st help you unleash the power of the World Wide Web. A few dollars a week will get you the computer or laptop rental you’ve always wanted. And when the contract is over, it’s yours! It’s easy to rent a computer or tablet when you shop at Rent 1st.

Enjoy life on the go with tablet rentals.

When it comes to portable computing, nothing beats an easy-to-use tablet. Our Toshiba Excite let’s you store your music and photos, read books, and surf the web all on a device that weighs less than a pound. You don’t need established credit for a tablet rental from Rent 1st. And we offer instant approval. Call us now to have your tablet delivered today.

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rent1st offers name brand products

Rent1st offers the name brand products you know and trust – all with no credit needed.