LG 49″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV

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LG 49″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Smart LED TV’s are becoming the new norm.  Are you looking for the best possible picture all while maintaining an affordable price?  We here at Rent 1st have the good news you’ve been searching for with this 49″ UHD Smart LED TV with WebOS 2.0 from LG.  We always have your back.  Why should you have to settle for being stuck with a regular, old and average TV when you can choose this option from Rent 1st? Want to stay ahead of the pack? Be one of the first to own a 4K TV set.  4K offers viewers a superior viewing experience that is unlike any other.

Why should you even bother with a 4K TV when you already have one in your home with 1080p? Check out this article on why you should own a 4K TV. 

You’ll make your friends jealous once they find out just how low your payment is for such an awesome, futuristic and on-trend product.  With this TV, you won’t just be keeping up with the Joneses you’ll be miles ahead of them.